They Want To Know You

Posted: November 11, 2016 in Uncategorized

Alright, time to disappear for a couple of days. Put away the work, put away the cleaning, put away everything else and focus for the weekend. Mourning an old friend tomorrow, as is annual tradition, and it’ll mark the second time this week that I take alcohol. Not something I’m used to doing anymore, but I had some drinks on Tuesday, I’m having some drinks on Saturday. I’ll sleep it off on Sunday. And then at the end of everything, it’ll be halfway through November already, the last push of the year. Crazy to think 2016 is almost over. Time is strange. Every day feels like an eternity, and every year feels like a blink. Think about walking along a bridge that stretches out far, far beyond the horizon. It looks like it goes on forever, but no matter how long you walk on it, it looks like you only just started.


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