Happy People on Personal Watercraft

Posted: November 16, 2016 in Uncategorized

I know my brain, I know the way it works. I know that even though I’m tearing through my room and, admittedly, making some progress on cleaning it looking for a little black box, it will be 100% in vain. And then, two days from now, when I’ve long given up, it’ll occur to me very quickly: ahh yes, I know the exact stupid location of that thing. And then it’ll be a quick retrieval and then on with my life. But for now all I can do is stare at this pile of cabling and assorted fol-de-rol with an exasperated and resigned glare. I’m not even sure it’s in there, but if it were anywhere, in there would make sense. I’ll take breaks to do other things, like the dishes, like cleaning other rooms, like completely unrelated and not even productive things (like writing blog posts), but my search will inevitably continue. I’ll get frustrated and insist I can find it, and search and search, only to not find it.


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