Official Sash

Posted: November 17, 2016 in Uncategorized

Haven’t really been able to function at peak efficiency today. Slept long, woke up late. Had a hard time going to bed last night, but it happened. When I got up today, the winds were whipping, the allergies were high. And they’ve already been high because I’ve been digging through my room looking for a specific item (still), I eventually gave up on it. Oh well. Still cleaning either way. At least there’s something positive coming from it. Room is still, in no uncertain terms, a mess. But it’s getting better. It’s no longer a vertical mess, it’s definitely more of a horizontal mess, which is nice, because once things get to that point, it gets very easy to see the progress that you make when you clean. The carpet becomes visible, there’s more room to walk. It’s basically a win-win. But for now, I need to do less computer blogging and more toilet clogging.

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