No Longer Prime

Posted: November 23, 2016 in Uncategorized

Birthday coming up tomorrow. I’m pretty excited, I’m always excited. Because face it, admit it if I can, I’m basically a 10 year old boy in an increasingly more aged body. And that’s something I’m perfectly fine with. Today, I’m spending the day with internet friends. Going to be doing a 12-hour or more stream all the way down to the minute (and probably a little past it) that I was born 32 years ago. Lots of good video games and good people and good times. Tomorrow is the family/selfish day. Thanksgiving, spending time with Erin and her family, watching some football, eat a ton of food, take it easy. Maybe do a stream in the evening for T-Gives people with nothing going on. Friday, I’ll be hopefully seeing some local friends and having a good time. If more things happen on the weekend, they happen. But I’m usually cranky about celebrating my birthday on non-birthdays. This year, I realized that my social life is too scattered to have it all at the same time, so to hell with it, I’ll take a week.

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