Seventeen Cents

Posted: December 3, 2016 in Uncategorized

Supposed to rain today. Sure feels like it will all day. I’m not one of those up-with-the-sun types, which should surprise nobody, but I am affected by heavy cloud cover, so the inverse is somewhat true. It doesn’t really matter how much sleep I get or what my hours of sleeping are like, if there’s a lot of clouds overhead and the sun just has absolutely no shot of showing its face, I find it much, much harder to make my way out of bed in the morning. And so it was this morning, perhaps aided by the numerous medications I am talking to keep myself functioning strong despite having a cold, that I acquired nearly ten hours of sleep, only forcing myself to wake up after the second or third glance at the red numbering of the clock, telling me quite passive-aggressively that I have been sleeping for longer than perhaps I would have liked to.


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