It Waits To Rain Until It Can Rain On Someone

Posted: December 17, 2016 in Uncategorized

I could have slept all day today, most likely. As predicted, the wind came today, gusting and blowing, and you can feel it from the garage door bending and slamming to the fences bucking. I didn’t sleep much at all yesterday, and so I went to bed early today and intended to get up early as well. but I needed to catch up, and the weather kept me happily drowsy and tucked under the covers, and so I slept for quite a long time. Now I’m up, and I could probably go back in despite being up for nearly two hours now, just crawl right back in and snooze, but I’m happy enough working albeit with a little bit less focus than usual. Add to that (hence the title) that I stepped outside to get the mail from yesterday and it started raining in addition to the heavy winds. I think it’s stopped. I think it stopped right away, I think it actually only rained long enough for me to be out in it, which I appreciate.


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