Toolbox of Troubles

Posted: December 21, 2016 in Uncategorized

Christmas in 4 days? That can’t be right. Practically less than 100 hours away, and I wouldn’t believe it if it wasn’t what it said on the calendar. This month has been kind of hard, taxing emotionally and spiritually, but sickness is all but eradicated from the household for the time being, so there’s that. My sleeping habits are not great,but teetering on the brink of unsociable, so I at least have the willpower to keep them socially acceptable through the first part of the holiday season. No word on New Year’s, but I think we’ve got no plans to do a big party the way we have the previous few years. You would think with a bigger house that we would be chomping at the bit, but circumstances being what they are, I am totally fine with a quiet, grown-up New Year’s. As for resolutions? Same as always. Do better. Be healthier. Don’t quit. As long as I stick to those plans, I don’t really need to make specific arrangements for my future.


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