Posted: December 25, 2016 in Uncategorized

From all of us here at the blog to all of you reading the blog (it’s a one-to-one kind of message I think), hope you have a safe and happy holiday season full of tasty beverages, delectable foods, maybe some presents, a parade or two, festive animals, wintry weather, baking in the island sun, a towel, fourteen ornaments, candles, one of those really tasty summer sausage things you can get at the kiosk in the mall, a smattering of hugs, freshly baked cookies, a star, some songs, a bald boy running a Christmas pageant, 7 car trips, a card with a five dollar bill inside of it, baseball, a mountain of hot dogs, Guy Fieri, cardboard cardboard cardboard, reruns of popular 1970s sitcoms, a plastic Easter egg full of quarters, ham and mashed potatoes, HAM AND MASHED POTATOES, and a windmill full of all of your realized dreams made whole and brought into the physical world for full redemption.


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