Clouds Within Sheets

Posted: December 27, 2016 in Uncategorized

Sleep is slipping further through the day. Might try and fix it tonight since I don’t feel as though I’m awake at all. Take a “nap” in the middle of the night and wake up during morning hours. But that’s still leaving me with about a ten hour day, which I am dedicating toward getting things done. I’ve done some cleaning, doing some work, I might slip out and go get some snacks, or caffeine if I decide to change my plans, and tuck in with reading for work for the rest of the night until it’s either time to sleep or time to relax. Overall, a day that I can feel pretty good about at the end of it, knowing that I got stuff done and set myself up for a more relaxing weekend than normal. Still have some self-Christmas shopping to do, not quite sure what to do about that. But I’m looking forward to it either way.


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