Posted: December 29, 2016 in Uncategorized

Yawning. The middle of the night. A little bit of heartburn. Homemade soup. A midnight sandwich. Cake both with and after dinner. Maybe that’s the heartburn. Put in a full day’s work today. Feeling great. Could use some water. Could use a better sleep schedule. Working on that. Sort of. One of those – better before it gets worse – kind of things. But overall, I feel in control of things. There are still some issues at hand, some things I have to get done sooner rather than later, some uncomfortable compromising here and there, but if I seem happy, if I seem like a person who likes who he is and where he is and what he’s doing, the reason for that is simple. Because I am, and I do. And everything isn’t perfect, and it never will be, but hey. If you love the things that are perfect and accept the things that aren’t, splitting them into two columns of what you can deal with and what you have to improve, then you’ve got a pretty decent life in front of you.


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