Posted: January 1, 2017 in Uncategorized

Well, you made it. Hello, welcome to 2017. No celebrities dead yet, 365 days of nothing but possibility and promise made real through effort. It’s raining in the desert. It rained the past two days, it rained this morning. More rain to come. I’ve got all my plans in gear for the next week, so today, I’m having a productive morning before I sit all day on the couch biting my nails and watching a critical football game against my new most hated rival of teams. If it goes poorly, my football schedule is going to lighten considerably. And that means more productive weekends, but less relaxing/unwinding time. I might have to re-strike that balance. For now, I’m content with how things are looking, and I hope you’re as energetic and optimistic as I am. I’ve conquered Wagon Mound, and I’m looking at Lake Arthur next, probably within the next week. Vaughn and Williamsburg will be shortly behind.


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