Posted: January 9, 2017 in Uncategorized

New week, Monday Morning. Bright, shiny sun. Temperatures going up another ten degrees. Just hours north of us last week, enough snow to shut down the city. Here? Kind of cold. Not really a big deal. Wondering if winter’s done, if that’s it? Checking the weather. So yeah, warm today, cooler later, rain coming next week and sticking around for a few days. Alright, so my energy is high, my productivity is good, and we just need to capitalize on that today  and get a good start and hope that next week I have less to do or a surge in motivation to deal with working against the weather a week from today. For now, I’m motivated, I’ve got my laundry for the week already done, the house is getting cleaned, work is getting done, feeling good about all the things that are going on this week. Hope everyone else is too.


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