Pennies on the Carpet

Posted: January 17, 2017 in Uncategorized

Going to try and get a few more things done this week but my focus is definitely more on the streaming side of things now. Got some short games in the backlog (I think) but they are going to be almost completely blind to me, so while they may take most people a couple of hours, they might take me days yet. Also counting on hardware to cooperate, if it doesn’t, then we’re stuck doing some longer stuff. Still will try to complete it (after all, that’s the whole point) but it won’t come as quickly. Just an hour or so of work a day to keep on top of things and to keep looking for new opportunities, but generally speaking, the stream is the star this week. And I believe I can get a lot done and be productive on both ends, just managing my time back and forth between the two.


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