Posted: January 24, 2017 in Uncategorized

Yesterday was a lot of work, but we did manage to get far enough down the to-do list that I felt alright playing some backlog games on the stream to try and make a little progress on things. Today is more work, there are books to read, articles to write, dishes to do, walks to talk, rooms to clean. Other things. The month is almost over and I’m upset about things like data caps, but what can you do? There’s three people living here, and working here full-time, internet is going to get used. I have no interest in going from room to room insisting that people turn off the lights so to speak, so we’re just going to know that Comcast is a piece of shit company that charges us for using up all the data, as if it were a precious natural resource. Not like we have any other options, unfortunately.


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