Function Key

Posted: January 31, 2017 in Uncategorized

Another day, another set of computer problems. That’s yesterday, I mean. I had a plan and I was working on everything and then I had big plans that I overreached on and ended up knocking my computer out of commission for about three hours. So I worked feverishly to bring it back up and by the time I had it was getting too late to do most things and I was pretty spent from frustration and mental exhaustion to pick up much of anything useful for the rest of the day. So then the fun part. Went live. Tried out the new keyboard. It’s a lot of fun, though there wasn’t toooo much to do. But then, that’s sort of what I was working on in the first place, so, it’s a bit of a cyclical argument. What matters is that it’s a fresh start today and I can tackle all the things I planned on yesterday today instead.


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