Italian Food

Posted: February 1, 2017 in Uncategorized

The theme of February is forethought. I was going to say pre-meditation, but that word carries a pretty negative context. Point is, I have some resources this month that I can do a lot with, but if I don’t actively make smart decisions with them they’ll get used up too quickly. So before I do anything, I need to make sure that I’m doing something necessary and helpful. If I become lax in that policy, I’ll end up paying for it later, so it’s better for me to continually ask myself: Is this in my best interests? If so, it’s a no-brainer yes situation. If not, then I probably shouldn’t be doing it. It’s easier to say in practice than it is to actually do, but it’s not honestly that hard to just do either, just a matter of self-accountability. So that’s my plan for this month. I have what I need, I just need to use it correctly.


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