Look Over There

Posted: February 7, 2017 in Uncategorized

Probably the only other blog post this week, though one may develop later on. Got lots of work to do this week, with some bigger projects waiting if I can get through the menial things. Some book reviews, some smaller writing assignments, some looking for other opportunities, a few hours of streaming a night, and then if all that gets done, we might work on some marketing, some new campaigns, maybe just some more menial things for my own self-gain. Since I’m not one to take a lot of time off, it’ll be mostly productive work, but I do also plan to get somethings done that are more recreational, things that should take a fair amount of time at that, so we’ll see how things pan out. I don’t think, since the year’s started, that I’ve once been able to check everything off my to-do list, but then that’s certainly nothing new.


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