Throw Manna From the (Heaven) Train

Posted: February 13, 2017 in Uncategorized

Tired, almost ready for bed, but holding out hope that it might start raining before I head under the covers. As it is, it rained for about six hours, the ground is wet, the air is cool, perfect under-the-covers weather. Last week was something of a failure in terms of my goals. Wanted to get a lot done, ended up accomplishing very little. Part of that is because of my order of operations: Clearing the easy simple things first and saving the bigger, longer things for last. Now I’m dealing with a lot of those big, long tasks and not feeling like I’m getting much done. But I am keeping pace with all the things that I’d been doing already. Just looking for more. Hitting milestones left and right though, feeling great about some things and behind on others. Mentally, not super confident about life at the moment, but willing to keep going forward and keep proceeding.


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