Foreman’s Job

Posted: March 15, 2017 in Uncategorized

Last week, right before everything got crazy, my studio microphone ended up breaking. It’s apparently a very common problem and what is otherwise a rather widely revered and commonly used microphone. I don’t know if I have to send it in or if I even have warranty coverage frankly, as their customer service line hasn’t gotten back to me in more than a week. Called them early last week and never heard anything, only that it was a busy time of year and to leave a message with my phone number and email address. All of that was on a pre-recorded message system. Haven’t heard any confirmation or any communication back from them, so I think it’s about time to get in touch again, this time with a little less politeness. I can get by, just not at the level of professionalism as I would like, and also dealing with what was a very cherished gift and wanting it to work as expected.


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