Medical Wait

Posted: March 17, 2017 in Uncategorized

Well, New Mexico State looked promising for half a game, anyways. Every year I make an NCAA basketball bracket online just because it’s free, and probably has a lower statistical probability than winning the lottery, but technically if I used my lack of knowledge in my favor (and probably what I do know hurts me more than it helps), I could win a car or something. So I made my bracket, and I want to say that last year my bracket went totally belly up by the third game of the tournament, with some major upset resulting in me losing my championship winner pick. This year, I’m faring better, at least, though not great, with 2 of my Sweet 16 picks gone halfway through day 2. But again, that’s much much better than last time, it’s just still not good. It gives me an excuse to half-pay attention, though less so than before because I no longer have a television with satellite hooked up to it in my office.


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