Another Discomfort

Posted: March 27, 2017 in Uncategorized

Going to the doctor’s finally in about an hour and a half. Either no news, or bad news. Probably no news. But it’s the thyroid doc, and not the most pressing concern in my life right now, which is these damn trees and their unstoppable pollination. I’ve been dealing with the depths of allergy season for well over a week now, and I’m medicating it to try and keep myself functional, and it works for a good chunk of the day, but either I sleep like the dead for hours and hours or I get barely any sleep and then get up groggy and grumpy. New to allergy season this year is having one very dry, very aching eye that itches like crazy and I can do nothing to alleviate. Maybe eye drops would work, but truth be told I’ve never been any good at applying them. I can’t even open my eyes underwater. So for now, we just try to get by with things the way they are.


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