Magnetic Strips

Posted: April 10, 2017 in Uncategorized

Time for the weekly ramble, I suppose. Not much going on this week, but I’m supplementing my usual habits with the need to go out and look for new things. The problem is that my current habits make me quite productive in all the ways that I want to be productive, but tends to let the oddball task here and there go by the wayside. So I’m incorporating those errands into my daily routine when work is on the slower side, like it is now for example. So I’m organizing some little one-time things that need to get done, going grocery shopping more often, got my taxes done, etc. It feels like I’m just sort of filling time, but then….I am, really. The whole point is just to make sure that certain things don’t go undone but also that I don’t just spend my whole day working on one big thing.


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