Posted: April 17, 2017 in Uncategorized

Life is kind of getting back to normal now, it’s nice. Got the usual weekly laundry to do today, and working on a lot of reading, but also the girlfriend is back home and the temporary diet restrictions are over. I feel better after resetting some bad eating habits, and I think I’ll do them more in the future just to keep my body active and adaptive to any situations that come up. This week, my plan is pretty straightforward, work on my two big projects, stream in the downtime, produce produce produce. There isn’t really anything else to take my focus away from those goals, at least not yet, but I am thankful that my current desk is both wooden and knockable. If I seem a little out of touch this week, there is a lot of reading and writing going on, things that I can’t focus on anything else while I do them.


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