Pinch of Sandwich

Posted: April 26, 2017 in Uncategorized

Probably the last blog post of the month/week right here. Might sneak one in before we’re done but this is probably it. So what is there to say? I mean, 2017 is officially 1/3 over now, which is crazy to think. Time does really seem to go by so quickly when you start thinking of it in the big picture, and in the small moment it stretches on forever, in permanence. And yet you wake up one morning and you look at the calendar and you think: “Oh god, is it almost my birthday again?” Meanwhile you stand in line at the grocery store for more than 2 minutes and start to feel your blood boiling over. Life, time, these exist in two states, the observed and the unobserved. Like a child trying to steal a cookie from the kitchen. Maybe that’s why there’s all that talk about appreciating life and living in the moment – if you take stock of it all the time, can you stretch a day into forever?


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