Nerve Ending

Posted: May 2, 2017 in Uncategorized

Got all the house cleaning I want to get done this week (so far), which isn’t much, but I have a strong policy about doing just a few key things every week, and as time permits, adding to that. So in that regard I keep a few rooms of the house very clean, a few pretty clean, a few sort of clean, and a few are an absolute mess. I prioritize this by a few factors, and one of them admittedly is how much of a job it is to clean up. Doing some front porch maintenance is nothing compared to making sure everything in my office is in its right place, making sure I have clean clothes is as simple as putting things in an appliance, compared to scrubbing down the entire kitchen or the toilet. And then when I have less busy weeks, less demands on my time, I expand my domain as time and energy permits. This week, I stopped at the dishes.


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