Stepping For Wards

Posted: May 11, 2017 in Uncategorized

Putting a couple things on the backburner this month, which feels nice. Mostly things that I no longer really need to give any attention to, whether it’s fruitless upkeep or just projects that I think would be nice to indulge in but know I don’t have the time for. It’s a strange feeling because I don’t normally do this, I don’t normally trim my massive daily to-do list. But as I find a rhythm and success in some things, I recognize the time cost associated with doing other ones, and so ultimately it comes time for me to say that perhaps I am giving myself too steep a mountain to climb, and I would be more productive and successful if I wasn’t in the back of my mind trying to do three dozen things every day. It may start to feel a little empty, but maybe I’ll be able to see the top of the smaller mountain and take a moment to celebrate my accomplishments in time!


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