White Noise

Posted: May 22, 2017 in Uncategorized

Been slacking off on blogs lately, but then slacking isn’t the right term. As stated, I may be going on blog hiatus for a while to prioritize other things. As it stands, non-streaming related activities are down to part-time thanks to the success that I’ve had so far this month. Streams themselves are full-time and then some. It’s led to some tired days and/or nights, and so I think while I’m on vacation I need to think about my limits and what’s healthy and maybe even (gasp) implementing a schedule of some sort. But as it stands now, I’m just happy doing what I’m doing, making time for as many things as possible, and getting ready to spend a week away from the home. I’ll probably bring work along with me in the form of books or Patreon projects that need completing, but I don’t honestly anticipate having a wealth of time to work on those outside of maybe airport time.


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