Playing From Behind

Posted: May 29, 2017 in Uncategorized

In a weird spot to start this week, as I have a lot to do work-wise, a lot to do stream-wise, and then also have to prepare for travel. Putting it all together, and really only having a half-week to get to them, means I’m in a time-crunch. I’ll likely spend most of today working, and cleaning, in order to get a sizable chunk taken out of my to-do list. But tomorrow I also need to make time for a shave and a haircut, and then packing. And then after all that, still need to stream and still have deadlines to meet throughout the week. I think I’m going to need some caffeine and to really just focus in and get as much done as possible before the clock runs out on me. And then when it does at least I’ll be pretty much forced into taking time off. And maybe I’ll come back and get some things done around the house right away. Who knows.


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