The Return of a Sleeping King

Posted: June 7, 2017 in Uncategorized

So the vacation is over, and it was a lot of fun. It was also a pretty exhausting experience from start to finish and I can not hide from the fact that what I experienced as I sat down in this familiar office chair behind this familiar makeshift desk was nothing short of actual elation upon my return. Some things are different, and in some ways, home feels different, but not in a bad way. Just in a way that will take a couple of days to acclimate to and then all will be normal again. It doesn’t help that I came home to rain, when I was in an area where it seemed all but assured that rain would have happened. So it’ll be a day or two and then everything will feel normal again, I think. For now, it’s back to work, back to deadlines and schedules with some new plans as far as getting ample work done every day and also getting a bit of a sweat going.

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