Posted: June 8, 2017 in Uncategorized

Cloudy days, rain, productivity, food, bills, work, feeling good. Roommate is currently laid up with some unwells, but I’m keeping an eye on him while he watches a movie and eats (hopefully) and I get some work done. It’s slow going, I got some delays and some distractions, but it’s okay, there’s not a whole not I need to get done this week, even if I got a 2-day late start, things are more or less taken care of. I’ve got 3 big stacks of big projects to work on, but they’ve got to wait until I take care of the smaller stuff like this thing that I’m doing right now. So like normal, you just take care of the short stuff, you finally get to handle the laundry that’s been piled up since the trip, and then eventually all that’s left are the big projects, things that I can pick at and whittle down over the course of the month. That’s the plan anyways.


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