It’s Hot

Posted: July 31, 2017 in Uncategorized

Been dealing with technical problems for two weeks now. Last week it was the internet, and it seems to have largely worked itself out after having a technician come out and do…nothing really. The big thing is that it stopped raining, and that seems to have fixed the bad internet. But I guess it’s also been raining a bit as well….I don’t know. This week, the capture card’s been an absolute pain in the ass in ways I haven’t had to deal with before. So I may be making a small investment to pick a new one up next month just to forego all the problems that this thing causes me and also give us an extra capture card to leave in Erin’s room for her streams. And that would be nice as well. But for now, dear god it is hot and muggy in this room can we fast forward to October maybe would that be okay okay awesome thank you


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