Pop Song Dreamer

Posted: August 4, 2017 in Uncategorized

Decided to sleep today without the use of an alarm, still woke up after about 8 hours, still feeling kind of groggy. Think I’m going to have to go the whole weekend without it and see if I can’t catch up on some rest somewhere along the way. Today is another packed schedule, where I’ve got to do some prepping for Erin’s stream tonight (and our stream on Sunday tomorrow), some prepping for social plans tomorrow, lots of work, I’m done with the cleaning, and then people are coming over for the usual Friday night activities. Week’s almost over and I think if I looked at this week’s to-do list I’d be gobsmacked at just how much more I wanted to get done, but that happens sometimes. I think I’m going to bring a couple tasks with me into next week and otherwise try to start fresh with a new set of goals come Monday.


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