No Such Thing as The End

Posted: August 6, 2017 in Uncategorized

Week’s over, doing damage control for the things I couldn’t get done this week. Overall, I think it’s pretty balanced. I DID get a lot done, and a lot of it was things that needed to be done versus things that I wanted to get done, so if I separate those things into two piles and weigh them against each other, I think the scales will even. As for next week? Who knows, I don’t know yet. I’ll plan that all out in a few hours and then get started on it. I’d like to have time to get some projects done while also being a little more motivated to do things like stream and be more social. Also my office is slowly getting, dare I say it, clean. I’ve been just picking up a couple dozen things a week, and combining the upkeep of dishes and trash and the big pile of cables is resulting in….progress?


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