Posted: August 6, 2016 in Uncategorized

I know August has just barely started, but the signs are clear. Days getting slowly colder, slowly shorter. The presence of football in my life once again. Using the air conditioner less. Opening the windows more. Smaller electric bill. Bigger soup bowls. Hello fall. The leaves may not change the same here as they do up north, but your symptoms are unmistakable. I am jumping the gun. And I know the summerheads out there will tell me to be quiet as they hurry into the pool two or three more times before it’s too late. That’s fine, you enjoy your season. My time is coming. And frankly, from a desert dweller, one can not celebrate too early. After all, we’ll have two months of autumn tops before the wind and the lack of absorbed heat in the ground turns our neighborhood into a bitterly chilly landscape once more. We’ll peek out the windows looking for a snow that will probably never come, and we’ll wish it was spring again. But I’ll be holding out for autumn, as I always do.


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